Friday Favorites - March 2nd 2018

Friday.  I have longed for you this week.  I greet you with excitement and thank you for returning.

I'm linking up with Andrea to share my faves from this past week.  

Favorite #1

Hidden meanings.

I stumbled upon this jewelry idea somehow, I think on Etsy one day perhaps? may be aware of my affection for engraved jewelry to give it a personalized meaning, but especially like the All The Wire coordinates jewelry to show your personalized longitude and latitude that means something to you.  Well, in comes this morse code jewelry by CA Souls to hide a special meaning on the jewelry.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!

It's very dainty.  They have bracelets, chokers, and necklaces.  You can purchase pre-made sayings or you can order something customized like a name or saying that you love or want to share.  AHHHHH.  So cool.  Mark this down as a gift idea for someone's birthday, shower, or Christmas.  


Favorite #2

Funny little gifts.

PureWow sent this in an email and I chuckled or at least smirked and then saved it for later.  There's quite a few funny ones but some have expletives so I don't want to post them here.  However, you can click here to view them.  ;) 

While I think they'd make cute gifts, it is always wise to consider if the recipient would be OK with any potential expletives in their kitchen before purchasing.

Favorite #3

Amazon Prime samples.

I just learned about this from another PureWow article and am excited!  Did you know about this??  If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can order samples of things for $2 or $4 dollars (from what I've looked at) and that applies as a credit towards the regular sized product should you decide to purchase it.  #genius

Amazon Sample.JPG

Favorite #4

The Golden Girls.

I have a soft spot for the show and have fond memories of watching it with my Mammaw.  So when I see anything relating to the Golden Girls I normally take pause and look it over.  After looking more at the oven mitts listed above I perused the site a bit and came across these two games.  Aren't they cute?

Favorite #5

DV by Dolce Vita and laser cut.  

DV makes great shoes that are stylish and comfortable without breaking the bank.  I'm into it.

These Ettie Emerson Heeled Booties are at Target right now, come in three colors, and are less than $40.

These Kenli Laser Cut Mules Booties are less than $35 and come in two colors.

And lastly these super cute Kassi Peep Toe Pumps are less than $33!  They come in black and taupe.

How was your week?  Is there anything that stands out to you as your favorites of the week?

My week was super hectic and I am surprised I not only had a moment to share these but also that I was able to remember them!  All good things and cheers to the weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful one!