Gifts that Glitter for the Hostess!

This is the time of year for gift giving, attending events and celebrations, merrymaking and decorating your homes with things that sparkle and shine in all of the bright and festive colors.  One thing that's for certain, you will be attending parties and dinners while celebrating the holidays.  While a nice bottle of wine will certainly be appreciated (by yours truly), you can also stock up on some of these fun gift items as well that will surely bring a smile to someone's face as well as get used during the season with all of their sparkle and shine.  These ideas can help with Secret Santa exchanges or even as a back up gift to thank the host/hostess at celebrations you attend.

For the Serious Entertainer:

For the Gal on the Go:

For the Relaxed Gal:

For the Christmas Decor Loving Gal:

For the Wine Loving Gal:

These items below are just too fabulous not to share.  They're called snow tubes, but I don't see a reason why you can't use them in the pool whether you live in warmer winter climates or even as fun, floating decor for a holiday party.  Of course for our fortunate northern friends who have snow, they'd be able to use them properly!  You can buy these snow tubes by clicking on their respective pictures, and also by checking out a fun site that has a lot of neat gifts and party supplies called Swoozies


All of these gift ideas have varying price points and a gift for the hostess is not always required of course!  That's why some of these double up as fun, glitzy, and glam gifts for any friend you have that may need a little sparkle added to their holidays. 

I hope you enjoyed this and found an idea or two that caught your eye.  Please share with your friends!