Faux Fur Vests for Any Occasion

It's Black Friday which means most everyone is either out shopping or recuperating from overindulging in food and drinks yesterday.  I pray most of you do not have to work today as well!

I will not take much time with this post so you can get out the door and onward with your plans!  If you missed my post about my favorite Christmas gift ideas for both him and her or my post about fun and fabulous, gold and glittery gifts make sure to check them out before you go shopping!  

Today's quick post is simply to share outfit ideas for faux fur vests, which actually do make for GREAT gifts if you're shopping for someone else today.  Truth be told I found this one for about $20 a couple of years ago at Marshall's so do not hesitate to check your local Marshall's, TJ Maxx, or Ross stores for something similar.  A money saving hint is to always check the junior's section too!  I'd personally stock up on these fabulous finds if Houston's weather cooperated with winter's temperature expectations and allowed me to wear my winter clothes more often!

I paired the vest with a silky (polyester), champagne colored blouse with my Zella "Live In" leggings, and black Steve Madden Intyce boots.  Cute and comfortable.

Other ways to wear your faux fur vest would include over any patterned, plaid, or chambray shirt!  It's easy to mix and match the fur texture with anything to style it up.  You can find some examples mixed in to my Pinterest board about Outfit Ideas if you need some "Pinsperation".  You can shop my look by clicking here, copy and pasting the below link, or clicking on my picture at the bottom of this email..


In addition, I have tried on these below from Target.  They're super duper cute, but I did not purchase them because after trying them on over my black sweater I ended up with fur/sherpa all over me.  =/  I wear too much black to deal with the shedding, but if you tend to wear lighter colors so that it won't show these may be a good option for you!  Most of them can be found in plus sizes as well.  Click on the image below to be taken to it's Target page.

I've gathered together some great and relatively low prices faux fur/sherpa vests that you can peruse by clicking here or by copy and pasting the link below:


Another option is to shop the vests, my outfit, and other fall/winter accessories I've previously shared using the pictures below.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy your Friday shopping!

Happy Shopping!  Happy Friday!  Friday Fashion!