Paleo Pumpkin Muffins with Cinnamon Pecan Streusel

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I may be several months behind in typing this up and sharing this mouth watering recipe, but that doesn't stop me nor any other pumpkin and fall loving person from appreciating a recipe like this.  You can make these for breakfast and enjoy them for dessert.  The muffins are semi-sweet give or take how you opt to adjust the amount of maple syrup/honey but the streusel topping kicks up the sweetness factor with the perfect crunch of the pecans.  It's love, I tell you.

This recipe is Paleo friendly.

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins with Cinnamon Pecan Streusel.png

Shopping List


  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 6 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup or honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin spice (or allspice)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Cinnamon Pecan Streusel:

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, softened but not melted
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • 4 tbsp coconut palm sugar
  • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon (more if desired)
  • 1 cup pecans, chopped
  • 1/2 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut
  • sea salt to taste


Preheat the oven to 350* F and spray a 12 cup muffin pan with coconut oil spray.

Combine the wet ingredients of the muffin batter together and blend using a hand mixer.  Add in the dry ingredients and beat on low until mixed thoroughly and batter thickens.

Spoon the batter evenly into 12 muffin cups and set aside.


Mix together all of the streusel ingredients in a large bowl or food processor to pulse into a finer mixture if desired.  Spoon the streusel over the twelve muffin cups.  You may have extra (I did - see below!).  Sprinkle some extra cinnamon over the tops of the muffins if desired.

Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.  Check on the muffins periodically to make sure the streusel doesn't brown too much.  You can add foil over the muffins midway to help prevent this if it is a concern.  

Let the muffins cool for about 10 minutes before serving and enjoy!

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins w/ Streusel 1

Pumpkin Muffins with Cinnamon Pecan Streusel


I hope you enjoyed this recipe idea and would love feedback if you try it!  Please don't forget to share it with your family & friends.  Every share helps my blog grow!

Happy Monday to each of you, dear friends.