Friday Favorites - February 9th 2018

Welcome back, weekend.  Praise God it's here and I am excited for what we have planned all weekend.  How about you?  

In case you missed my post this week about Valentine's gift ideas (that are actually great all year 'round), then click here.

I am linking up with Andrea to share my favorites from the past week, before I jet out to run errands and pack for the weekend!

Favorite #1

My scarf and booties.

Some of you may have seen me post this on my IG stories last week, but I wanted to share this beautiful scarf my aunt made for me as well as my comfy booties.

If you're interested in a scarf or other knitted item then email me and I can connect you to her!

Lucky Boot Bashina.JPG

Favorite #2

Kind and thoughtful souls.

I had a momentary chance to see a question posted on IG and commented on it, which led me to interact with Gloria who owns and operates Life with Beauty here in Houston.  It's amazing how something so small and fleeting can impact someone's life and in return she has touched mine.  I love the beautiful items from her business!  If you're looking for personalized or cute and beautiful things for your upcoming wedding or shower(s) of any kind, then take a look at what Gloria can provide. =}

You may have also seen these on my IG stories last weekend.  Not pictured is the adorable tumbler that says "Totes Engaged" and the "Bride" tote I shared via Boomerang.  I am so thrilled to use these items as I celebrate getting married this year!


Favorite #3

Speaking of getting married, this pic with this guy and this dress is one of my favorites.

We attended a gala last weekend and it was such a fun date night!  We had worked tirelessly the night before and during the day to finish moving my stuff and unpacking/organizing.  By the time I stopped to get dolled up and enjoy a glass of wine with this stud I was overjoyed by what we had accomplished and the new path forward.

My dress was on final clearance from Lulu's for $28!!  I was willing to take the chance of not being able to return it because I have ordered from them a gagillion times before and know my size PLUS I read a lot of reviews before purchasing to assess other ladies' sizes and heights.  #likeachamp  Well, I had to have a minor alteration on the straps' length as expected and voila...a formal gown for less than $60 total. #winning

Ladies, you do not have to spend a ton of money to look nice at an event and wear the dress once or maybe twice.  I never do.  Ever.  If you ever want help finding something, email me.  I love the challenge and can find you a great deal. 

You can shop Lulu's directly or at Nordstroms.

Here's some similar dress options from Lulus but these are full price (and still less than $110 each):

Lulus Sequin One Shoulder Trumpet Gown

Lulus Strappy Sequin Blouson Gown

Lulus Cutout Sequin Gown

Favorite #4

Speaking of Lulu's...

Here's some items I am loving that look similar to items I own.

Whitney Cork Wedge Sandals $37 and comes in SIX colors...(mine were BP from Nordstroms 2 years ago).

Lulus White Dress.JPG

And this one called I'm Impressed Crochet Dress:

They reminds me of this white dress I bought from a boutique online many years ago and have never, ever seen again.  It's not the exact same, but the back is similar and mine also has a high neckline in front!

Favorite #5

Chick-fil-A's grilled market salad with no cheese and no toppings.

Y'all.  I tried this a couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked.  It's filling and delicious without dressing or the other toppings they give you separately.  So, basically lettuce, grilled chicken, strawberries, apples, and blueberries.  

I'm sharing this more as a PSA (public service announcement) so you know there is a healthier option outside of the "grilled" nuggets that is actually SUPER delicious!


What were some of your favorites from the past week?  Anything fun to share?  Comment below!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead.  I'll see you back here on Monday.