How to Stay Organized

Organization is a major part of my day-to-day lifestyle and a huge part of my job at work!  I literally get paid to organize things and someone else's life...and I'm darn good at it I think. ;)  I'm excited to link up with the monthly "Girl Chat" ladies to share ways that I keep my life organized.

Now, I won't dive into too much detail as I've shared ideas on this topic before that you can read about in these links:

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1)  I think the number one tool that I cannot emphasize enough and that you will find in all three of the links above, is that I firmly believe in making a list and making one (or many) of them often.

whats on my list.JPG

To stay organized, you need to know what you're organizing and when!

2)  If it's your schedule you need to organize, then make sure you have a good calendar/scheduler, both paper and electronic.  You can cross reference both to make sure you stay up to date with the things you need to do or that you committed to doing.

I also use certain colors of ink and highlighter to indicate to myself what the entry is for.  IE: pink highlighter = birthday, blue highlighter = travel, yellow highlighter = appointment, green ink = gym/work out...

3)  Dinner schedules are excellent as well so that you can plan ahead what you'll prepare that week as well as what you'll need from the grocery store.  Here's an example below, but I used to print out my own!

4)  Filing papers either electronically or in a filing cabinet will keep the clutter off of your desk or counter tops, and we all love that idea right?

You can buy file folders to your liking whether original manila, solid colors, or chic designs like these below...

You can buy any type of file storage as well...

5)  Organize your pantry, bathroom closets, and cleaning supplies by sorting items into bins/boxes and then labeling them!  Not only does this help you find what you need and keep up with how much you have left of a product, it also just looks a lot nicer!

What are some things that help you stay organized?  Any methods or products that help you?  Comment below!  Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday. =)

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